REMEDiTECH Help Desk and Knowledge Base System

Complete helpdesk support ticketing solution. Web-based, simple to use, and highly configurable to meet your own organization structure and workflow process.

Key Features

  • Supports internal departments or external customers tickets
  • Highly configurable and easy to use
  • Fully web-based, no software to install or upgrade
  • For the Tech Industry, Telecom, Banking, Financial, Real Estate, Manufacturing, E-Commerce websites or virtually any type of business your organization or customers may be involved with.

REMEDiTECH features searchable knowledge base with ticket integration which means time savings and efficient problem solving. Alerts, automatic dispatch and many other options are configurable via an easy to use interface. Detailed reporting is available in text, PDF and many other formats

Employee and department performance analysis and SLA reports help determine tech support problems and provide a basis for training in order to improve problem solving and achieve higher efficiency.

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