We Are ReMediTech

Three decades of high-end refurbishing for the medical industry.

30 years of Expertise


We have been industry leaders in upgrading, renovating, refurbishing and calibrating high-end medical instruments for 30 years.

ReMediTech was founded in 1974 due to the intense technology development. The innovation and use of micro processors and silicone chip technology spread to the pharmacology industry. But the progression of technology was exponential; it took shorter and shorter time between updates and suddenly state-of-the-art equipment was out of date.

ReMediTech focuses on modernizing, fine-tuning and upgrading existing medical hi-tech instruments. Commonly, existing hardware, such as microscope lenses and tubes, are up to par with the later generations. By re-calibrating and refurbish installed systems they perform just as good as the more recent systems.

We know the Industry


We divide our work in between the tech lab and the hospital corridors.

We understand the demand and pressure that doctors, laboratory technicians and health care decision maker live under.
Clear cost quotes, state-of-the-art performance, rapid product service turnaround and end user satisfaction are our cornerstones. Not only does it create confidence and is convenient for the staff. It saves costs and time for tax payers and hospital boards. It might even save lives.

We cost you Nothing


The difference between a new purchase and a refurbish service make our fee self explanatory.

Undoubtedly, there are good reasons to upgrade every object, tool, hardware or system on a constant basis. Nevertheless, many of these purchases are exhausting both budgets and personal resources. A brand new item has to carry all its development costs and the decision making, installing and training can quickly drain both time and inspiration among stakeholders and staff.
Upgrading, or re-modernising, current equipment means:
  • Less investment costs
  • Less administrative burdon
  • Quicker turn-around and lower down-time
  • Ecological sense
  • Lower learning threshold

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  • Blood Transfusion

Scientific & Research

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